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Wedding Planning Form

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To help BEST ENTERTAINMENT ensure that your reception goes as smoothly as planned, please answer the following questions:

Bride & Groom's First Dance Song:

Specialty Dances

Father/Daughter Dance Song:

The Bride will dance with Mr.
   The Bride's (circle one):

Mother/Groom Dance Song:

The Groom will dance with Ms:
   The Groom's(circle one)

*Combination Father/Daughter & Groom/Mother Dance:

This may be an option if the Bride and Groom are somewhat on the shy side.  Some couples combine the above two dances into a single dance.

Other Specialty Dances

Bride and Groom with Bridal Party:

The Dollar Dance (Money Dance):

What time is your wedding ceremony?

What time is your reception to start?

Approximately how many guests are you expecting?

Approximate breakdown by age (list number of people per category):
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Please check the personality level, you'd like your DJ to have:

BEST ENTERTAINMENT'S DJs prefer to look their best during your reception. Your DJ will be attire in a formal tuxedo. Is this suitable?
   (please list desired attire)

Reception Info

Where is your reception going to be held?

Are you planning a:

Who is catering the reception?
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Who is your Photographer?
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Who is your Videographer?
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Champagne Toast Cake Cutting Dollar DanceBouquet/Garter Toss

The winner of the garter toss is to place the garter on the leg of the winner of the Bouquet toss.

Other Events (please list):

Other Events (please list):

NOTE: The amount of individuals you choose to include in your Wedding Party is a matter of personal taste. Please write names in the exact manner and order you would like the wedding party announced. Write "N/A" if not applicable.

Grandparents of the Bride:

Grandparents of the Groom:

Parents of the Bride:

Parents of the Groom

Flower Girl: Ring Bearer:
Bridesmaids Ushers
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Best Man


Dinner Music

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Songs You Would Like To Hear

NOTE: Best Entertainment reserves the right to NOT play songs that are considered obscene, racially defaming or encourages violence.

Preferred Music

Top 40 Country Rap Dance /Club Big Band Jazz Disco Rock 50's Hits 60's Hits 70's Hits 80's Hits

Group Dances

Chicken DanceConga Electric SlideHokey Pokey

Ethnic Dance
Other songs