Human Foosball

Human Foosball is the life-size version of the popular table game played worldwide. A huge inflatable arena has 9-foot tall netted walls, ensuring continuous play and great spectating. Each player is harnessed to a pole stretching widthwise. Like the toys in the table game, teammates can only move side to side within their specific zones, avoiding physical contact. Teams compete on each side of the 50-by-30-foot field using an official-size Nerf soccer ball to score goals.

Money Machine

Whirling, Twirling, Swirling! ..With this Magical Money Machine, you can fill it with real dollars, gift certificates or Monopoly money &Mac173; whatever your event's budget allows. You step into a phone booth-size cube and when the air blower turns on, grab as much of the cash swirling around as possible in the allotted time. Great for incentives, theme parties, casino nights, bingo parlors, corporate picnics and tradeshows, the Inflatable Money Machine is a proven traffic builder and crowd pleaser!

The Whale

Willie is a 40' long, crawl through inflatable. Children crawl through a themed adventure where they discover all sorts of surprises. Children enter through a giant mouth and crawl through a collection of funny colorful pirates. The children move through a simulated ocean of waves (no water!) complete with brightly colored fish. Once through the watery wonderland the children enter a sunken ship where there are a series of activities for the children to explore including a treasure chest. When they open the chest an inflatable ghost pops out to surprise them. Everyone exits out the whale's tail down a slide. 350 children per hour can play.

Description: 40' feet of amazing crawl through adventure!

Human Bowling

This life-size version of bowling features oversized 6' pins and a 4' steel frame bowling ball with the contestant seated snugly "inside" the ball! Two additional audience members attempt to "bowl" their teammate down a 30' lane into six pins and score a strike! Hope you get a strike the first time, or you get to go for the spare. It is one hilarious show whether you're "bowling" or just watching!

Human Bowling can be performed indoors or outdoors and requires a 35' X 17' space.

WE SUPPLY: Fully insured show, including a 30' inflated "bowling alley," steel ball and pins.

SUGGESTED VENUES: Great family entertainment for Birthday Parties, fairs, company picnics, colleges, high school lock-ins, conventions, promotionals, and fundraisers.

Velcro Wall

Participants wear a jump suit made of velcro, run towards the fully inflatable wall, and stick upside down! This is a very popular game, and nearly 60 people per hour can play.

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Gladiator-style pedestal joust is the inflatable version of TV's "American Gladiators". The game involves participants (gladiators) who climb on top of pedestals. Wearing protective head gear, the gladiators then swing (at each other) with oversized foam-filled jousting poles and try to knock each other off their respective pedestals. The victorious gladiator is the fist to knock their opponent down onto a huge 25'L X 25'W X 2'H air inflated mat.

The 5 in 1

This is a Splativity 5 in 1 bouncee. It includes a rope climb, slide, ball pit, bounce and sticky wall all in one compact unit.
It makes for hours of fun with several activities.

Jungle Maze

Filled with steps, twists and turns, this 15' x 27' x 15' Jungle Pyramid is a maze of fun, frenzy and adventure.

A "huge" hit at any party!

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