The King of the Mountain

The King of the Mountain inflatable climbing wall will be the center of attention at your next special event! Towering an impressive 25' to the top of the flag, Guests of all ages from toddlers to adults will experience the thrill of mountain climbing as they ascend to the top of the mountain to ring the bell and conquer the mountain!

All guests climb the mountain wearing a harness attached to a safety line. The Rocky Mountain comes complete with a 2 hp. electric (110 v.) blower*, small, medium, and large safety harnesses (250 lb. per person maximum capacity), heavy duty mountain climbing safety lines, all rigging, landing cushion, and courteous, and trained attendants. Fully inflated, the mountain is an impressive 25' wide, 25' long and 28' to the top of the flag!!! The King of the Mountain is fully insured and guaranteed to draw the crowds at your next event!

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