By the age of ten, many Jewish boys and girls are busy studying Jewish oral laws and traditions. Three years later, they formally become part of a religious society when they become bound to the commandments (a Bar or Bat Mitzvah) that is sometimes, but not always held on the Sabbath immediately following their 13th birthday.


The celebration of this religious rite has been customary since the Middle Ages. During this era, a young Jewish man reached maturity at the age of twenty. This is when he was considered to be responsible for his own financial and military obligations. The only change in his status as he passed from childhood through adolescence was at the age of thirteen. This is when his father no longer was considered responsible for his religious conduct or education. This was accomplished with the pronouncement of a simple benediction.

A Jewish girl is traditionally considered to have reached her religious majority at the age of twelve years and one day. Despite her earlier maturity, it is only in recent years with the growth of Jewish egalitarianism that the Bat Mitzvah as a religious ceremony has become popular. In the past, a small family dinner was held to honor the girl's twelfth birthday, and her parents would simply recite a traditional blessing freeing them from the responsibility of her religious conduct. Today, an increasing number of Jewish congregations have embraced the idea of offering to thirteen-year old girls the same privileges and responsibilities at her Bat Mitzvah that a boy receives at his Bar Mitzvah.


A party celebrating the fulfillment of this religious commandment (seudat-mitzvah) often follows the religious ceremony. This may begin with a kiddush (sanctification of wine and sharing of Hallah). The simhah (joyous celebration) announces the child's attainment of religious majority at a party that is held outside of the synagogue. The Bar Mitzvah (for boys) and Bat Mitzvah (for girls) also offer some families the opportunity to have an extended family retreat that may also include a trip to Israel.

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